At the very foot of our hotel lies the golden sandy beach of Kelenn.
There a watersports club awaits you. This is where the “Optimiste” (a small sailing boat for novices) was born, some thirty years ago and with it the talent of quite a few skippers too. A whole range of activities are on offer : sailing, surfing, rowing, diving, canoeing….


Enjoy the pleasures of water in a sheltered bay.
In summer, launches will take you on an excursion to admire the coastal scenery.

Boarding is possible from the pier of Kelenn.

Our region’s cultural heritage provides a wide range of activities.

Choose your favourite activities and go at your own pace: whether you decide to go rambling, pony trekking, cycling or sailing, the local tourist office will provide you with useful information.

En Bretagne, le soleil a souvent rendez-vous avec la pluie et on aime ça. 


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